Let’s Part with the Postpartum…

Can you believe that approximately 80% of women experience a distubance in mood or pregnancy blues after giving birth??

A recent review in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry found that increasing intake of Omega-3 can decrease these symptoms. First, let’s look at why we women feel this way after pregnancy. Women’s levels of progesterone increase dramatically during pregnancy. Progesterone is a natural antidepressant, and after giving birth a woman’s level of progesterone drops dramatically. This sudden shift can have a very large effect on a woman’s modd and overall energy level.

There have been recent studie looking at how omega-3 deficiency can also lead to postpartum depression as well. Omega-3 creates a chemical reaction in the brain that releases seratonin as well. Seratonin is a mood regulator. During pregnancy, many women avoid fish or other sources of omega-3 completely due to heavy metals and other toxins BUT babies need omega-3 for proper brain and eye development. Some women will ensure an adequate intake of omega-3 during pregnancy but it is important to note that most of it is consumed by the baby and we can’t forget to supplement both mom and baby.

After birth, women should increase their intake of omega-3 either by supplementation or other forms. This will help babies who breastfeed develop and grow strong as well as help mothers’ mood and mental state.

So Omega-3 Up!



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