Is Flax Frightening?

You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing flax. Flax cereal, flax infused beverages, flax seeds, and flax oil. But why are we trying so hard to eat it with every meal? Some take it for it’s health benefits and some for the supposed levels of omega-3. Here’s my problem with this, there isn’t actually omega-3 in flax….and all those omega-3 infused foods at the grocery store that people blidly purchase because they say omega-3 (eggs, bread, etc) are false. Flax contains ALA, a short chain fatty acid that the body has to convert into EPA and DHA. Unfortunately, most humans can only convert ALA at about 10-15%, and some cannot convert it all.


I came across another blog today talking about this very thing, but they went even further to talk about the risks associated with high levels of flax.


Do you supplement omega-3? If so, do you use flax?



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