What About Me??

There are literally hundreds of studies about omega-3 out there. Studies about the benefits of taking omega-3 for pregnant women, for young children and their development, for people with cardiovascular disease, for older people with Alzheimer’s, for cancer patients, and people suffering from depression.

I love reading these studies, and hearing the results. Recently though, I started to notice a pattern. All of these studies were proving the benefit of omega-3 for people either suffering from a disease or illness or for babies and children for development purposes. Then it hit me, what does it do for me? With all of the proven benefits I am sure I am setting myself up to avoid many of these ailments in the future (like reducing my risk for heart disease or reducing the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s), but can it actually improve anything for a healthy, young adult?

I feel as though I’ve just been punished by the Omega-3 gods for doubting….as I came across this article this morning.

‘Omega-3 Intake Heightens Working Memory in Healthy Young Adults’ University of Pittsburgh publishes first ever Omega-3 study on a population at the ‘top of its cognitive game’
Boy do I feel stupid…definitely not at the top of my cognitive game.

How about I take some omega-3, be quiet, and never forget this day again….




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