Don’t Forget….Omega-3 May Fend Off Alzheimers!

Do you ever find yourself not able to remember why you are where you are, or what you were there for? Take my sister for example, she decided she needed colouring pencils last week, ran downstairs to get them and came back up 10 minutes later with no pencil crayons in sight….
Now imagine if that’s how you felt everyday…Many people suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia as they age. It is believed that there is a correlation between beta-amyloid levels in the blood and likelihood of Alzheimer’s.
Dr. Nikolaos Scarmeas of Columbia University Medical Center performed a study that showed that the intake of Omega-3 reduced the levels of beta-amyloid levels in the blood by 20-30%. He also concluded that Omega-3s may be able to reduce oxidative stress on the brain and the resulting vascular damage, or even have some kind of impact on beta-amyloid in the brain.
The study published in the Neurology journal concluded that higher dietary intake of Omega-3 fatty acids is associated with lower beta-amyloid levels- a profile linked with reduced risk of incident Alzheimer’s Disease and slower cognitive decline.




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